The Micro CRC TR 224 Seminar is a weekly gathering where invited scholars present their recent work in the field of microeconomics. The seminar showcases both theoretical and empirical work on a wide range of topics, including industrial organization, international trade, financial economics,  information economics, and mechanism design.

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays in Room PO44, L7 3-5, from 1:45 PM to 3:00 PM.

Schedule of Seminar Presentations

Current/Upcoming Semester

FSS 2024

28.05.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Milena Almagro

Chicago Booth School of Business

Optimal Urban Transportation Policy: Evidence from ChicagoPDF Download
Tuesday, 21.05.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Larbi Alaoui

Universtity Pompeu Fabra

Attitudes towards success and failure joint with Antonio PentaPDF Download
Tuesday, 14.05.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Todd Keister

Rutgers University

Preventing Runs with Redemption Fees (joint with Xuesong Huang)PDF Download
Tuesday, 07.05.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Glenn Ellison

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Effects of Home Rental Sites on Residential Real Estate: Evidence from New HampshirePDF Download
Tuesday, 30.04.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Catherine Bobtcheff

Paris School of Economics

Organizing insurance supply for new and undiversifiable risks co-authored with David Alary (Toulouse School of Economics) and Carole Haritchabalet (Université de Pau)PDF Download
Tuesday, 23.04.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Yossi Spiegel

Tel Aviv University

Horizontal Partial Cross Ownership and Innovation (joint with Sandro Shelegia)

PDF Download
Tuesday, 16.04.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Zvika Neeman

Tel Aviv University

Deterrence of Unwanted Behavior: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation

(joint with Penélope Hernandéz, Ro’i Zultan)

PDF Download
Tuesday, 19.03.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Michele Fioretti

Sciences Po

Diversified Production and Market Power: Theory and Evidence from Renewables

PDF Download
Tuesday, 12.03.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Sara Shahanaghi

Toulouse School of Economics

Investment Timing and ReputationPDF Download
Tuesday, 05.03.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Matthijs Wildenbeest

University of Arizona

An Empirical Model of Consideration through SearchPDF Download
Tuesday, 27.02.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Johan Orrenius

Stockholm School of Economics

What is the value of attention? Supply and demand estimation of attention in a mobile phone settingPDF Download
Tuesday, 20.02.202413:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Yue Yuan

UCL, School of Management

Security Design Under Common-Value CompetitionPDF Download
13:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Avil Lichtig

University of Bonn

Optimal Testing in Disclosure Games

PDF Download
Tuesday, 05.12.202313:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Ariell Reshef

Paris School of Economics

Production Function Estimation with Multi-Destination FirmsPDF Download
13:45 – 15:00L 7, 3–5, room P044

Roxana Fernandez


The ALUR law and the opening of Drives in the French grocery retail sector (joint with Bonnet, C., Bouamra, Z., and Chambolle, C.) 

Previous Semester

  • HWS 2023

    05.12.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031
    Ariell Reshef
    Paris School of Economics
    Production Function Estimation with Multi-Destination Firms   
    28.11.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031
    Roxana Fernandez         
    The ALUR law and the opening of Drives in the French grocery retail sector
    21.11.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031
    In-Uck Park        
    University of Bristol
    Information Sale and Trade (joint with Robert Evans)
    14.11.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    Anders Munk.Nielsen   
    University of Kopenhagen

    Markups on Drop-downs: Prominence in Pharmaceutical Markets
    07.11.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    Tommaso Alba 
    KU Leuven

    Unsealing Settlements: Empirical investigation of Patent litigation and Bargaining
    31.10.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    Juan Ortner       
    Boston University

    The Value of Privacy in Cartels: An Analysis of the Inner Workings of a Bidding Ring
    24.10.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031
    Flavio Toxvaerd
    University of Cambridge
    Manufacturer Certification in Second-Hand Markets
    17.10.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    Sarah Auster    
    University of Bonn

    Persuasion with Limited Data: A Case-Based Approach
    10.10.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    Arjada Bardhi   

    Early-Career Discrimination: Spiraling or Self-Correcting?
    26.09.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031
    Ferdinand Rauch

    University of Heidelberg

    Identifying Agglomeration Shadows: Long-run Evidence from Ancient Ports
    19.09.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031
    Elena Prager     
    University of Rochester
    Labor Market Collusion through Common Leadership
    12.09.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    Rosa Ferrer    
    Universitat Pompeu Fabra

    Viewers Heterogeneous Distaste for Advertisements: Evidence from a Two-Sided Market
    05.09.202313:45–15:00L7, 3–5,
    room S031

    David Ronayne
    ESMT Berlin

    Asymmetric Models of Sales (joint work with David P Myatt, LBS)
  • FSS 2023

    30.05.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Joel Stiebale

    Northeastern University

    Platform Promotion and Consumer Welfare: Evidence from the Amazon Books Page (joint with Joel Waldfogel)

    23.05.202313:45 – 15:00

    L7, 3–5, room P044

    Imke Reimers

    Rising Markups and the Role of Consumer Preferences (joint with Hendrik Döpper, Alexander MacKay and Nathan Miller)

    16.05.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Meredith Crowley
    Cambridge University

    The pro-competitive effects of trade agreements joint work with Lu Han and Thomas Prayer

    09.05.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Johanna Joy Isman
    Toulouse School of Economics

     Firms willingness to pay for certification leniency:  Evidence from the global wood industry

    02.05.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Tobias Gamp
    Humboldt Universität Berlin

    How to get advice from reputation concerned experts: A mechanism design approach (joint with Amir Habibi)

    25.04.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Chiara Farronato
    Harvard Business School
    Self-Preferencing at Amazon: Evidence from Search Rankings (joint work with Andrey Fradkin and Alexander MacKay)
    18.04.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Gary Biglaiser
    University of North Carolina

    Price Competition, Information Acquisition, and Product Differentiation Perception

    28.03.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Wolfram Schlenker
    Columbia University
    Institutions and Global Crop Yields
    21.03.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Sylvia Hristakeva

    UCLA Anderson

    Retailer Competition and Assortment Differentiation: Causal Evidence from Entry Lotteries

    14.03.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Alessandro Ispano
    CY Cergy Paris Université

    Designing and delegating interrogations

    07.03.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044

    Jorge Lemus
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    The Benefit of the Doubt: Patent Examination under Strategic Obfuscation

    28.02.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044 Andreas Asseyer
    Freie Universität Berlin

    Certification Design with Common Values

    21.02.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044Paula Onuchic
    University of Oxford

    Advisors with Hidden Motives

    14.02.202313:45 – 15:00L7, 3–5, room P044

    Rosina Rodríguez Olivera
    Universität Bonn

    Optimal Disclosure of Private Information to Competitors