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Module and Course Registration


Registration for lectures takes place in Portal2. Please follow the links below or navigate to My Portal² > My Degree Planner and register for the lectures you would like to attend. The registration period for lectures in spring 2023 begins on 27 January and ends on 24 February. During this time you can register and deregister from most lectures on your own accord. A manual for course registrations can be found in Portal2 > User Manuals > For Students. Please note that elective modules offered by other departments may require a different registration procedure. For more information please check the Courses and Course Regulation section. Courses in the core module do not require registration.


The intoductory sessions for seminars will be offered online from 23 to 27 January (schedule). The registration and allocation of seminars takes place in Portal2. The registration module „Seminar Registration MSc Economics“ can be accessed via „Search for courses“ or „Degree Planer“. The registration period for seminars in fall 2022 begins on 26 January (18:00) and ends on 1 February (18:00). Subsequently, every student will be allocated to one seminar according to her /his preferences. Once a topic is assigned to you, withdrawal requires a good reason. International students: please contact Mr Sebastian Herdtweck ( in order to apply for a seminar.

Information for exchange students, MMM students and Business Mathematics students:

Please note that you can choose to study any of the elective modules available at the department as long as you fulfill the prerequisites. Please contact the teacher of the module you are interested in directly for more information on the prerequisites and to discuss your eligibility. Courses in the core module are not open to exchange students or students from other programs.

Electives from other departments and internship:

Information on the course offer from other departments can be found here. Information on the recognition process for an internship can be found in the study guide section.