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Internal Department Seminar

The seminars are held on Mondays, 12:00-13:00, in lecture hall 001 of the economics building in block L7, 3-5.

Contact: Antoine Camous and Sebastian Findeisen


Current Seminars

Spring term 2019




Feb 25th    
March 4th    
March 11th    
March 18th    
March 25th    
Apr 1st    
Apr 8th    
Apr 29th    
Mai 6th Woan Foong Wong  (U. of Oregon)  
Mai 13th    
Mai 20th Tim Lee (QMU)  
Mai 27th    
June 3rd    
June 10th    

Fall term 2018




Sept 10th

Joachim Freyberger (U Wisconsin)

Inference under shape restrictions

Sept 17th

Xin Gao - CDSE

Checking Cheap Talk

Sept 24th

Ruben Hipp - CDSE

On Causal Networks of Financial Firms

Oct 1st

Vahe Krrikyan - CDSE

Occupational Choice and Endogenous Financial Constraints

Oct 8th

Munseob Lee (UCSD)

How Do Firms Grow? The Life Cylce of Products Matters

Oct 15th

Hanno Foerster - CDSE

The Impact of Post-Marital Maintenance on Dynamic Decisions and Welfare of Couples

Oct 22nd

Franco Esteban Cattaneo - CDSE

Exclusive Dealing and Downstream Competition

Oct 29th

Niklas Garnadt - CDSE

Large firms and the decline in US startup rates

Nov 5th

Tim Obermeier - CDSE

The Mariage Market, Inequality, and the Progressivity of the Income Tax

Nov 12th

Efi Adamopoulou

Contract Cycles

Nov 19th

Sebastian Findeisen

Adjusting to Robots

Nov 26th

Antoine Camous

Benefits and Credibility of Extended Commitments