Master of Science Economics

From program, tuition and financial aid resources to what you can expect from campus life, our website for "Prospective Students (M.Sc.)" points you to information about essential elements of the graduate experience at the University of Mannheim.

Important dates

  • Spring 2023: lecture period: 13 February – 2 June | first examination period: 3 – 17 June | second examination period: 26 August – 2 September
  • MCPF: 16 February, 17:15,  L7, 3–5, S031 | Benno Bühler (CRA): „The German courts’ departure from the Huawei/ZTE framework – will it have an impact on SEP negotiations“
  • MCPF: 2 March, 17:15,  L7, 3–5, S031 | Paul de Bijl (ACM): „Competition and Societal Goals in the Retail Energy Market: Economics, Politics and Pragmatism“
  • MCPF: 16 March, 17:15,  L7, 3–5, S031 | Anselm Rodenhausen (Zalando SE, Head of Antitrust and Distribution Law): „Impact of Gatekeeper Regulation on Digital Markets & Online Platforms“
  • MCPF: 23 March | Niamh Dunne (LSE)
  • MCPF: 27 April, 17:15,  L7, 3–5, S031 | Daniel Petzold (Gleiss Lutz): „Information Exchange and Private Enforcement“
  • Aktuelle Themen der Wirtschafts­politik: 2 May, 17:00, SN 163 | Prof. Dr. Grüner: Aktuelle Probleme der europäischen Geldpolitik
  • Ringvorlesung: 3 May, 19:00, SN 163 | Prof. Andreas Polk: „Lobbyismus in Deutschland aus volkswirtschaft­licher Sichtweise“
  • Aktuelle Themen der Wirtschafts­politik: 9 May, 17:00, SN 163 | Prof. Dr. Grüner: Freiheit: Warum? Eine Mechanism Design Analyse
  • MCPF: 11 May, 17:15,  L7, 3–5, S031 | Korbinian Reiter (Redeker Sellner Dahs): „The EU Taxonomy Regulation: The Dispute over the Commission’s Green Label for Sustainable Investments in the Energy Sector“
  • Aktuelle Themen der Wirtschafts­politik: 16 May, 15:30, SN 163 | Melis Sekmen (MdB, Die Grünen): Entscheiden in unsicheren Zeiten
  • Aktuelle Themen der Wirtschafts­politik: 23 May, 15:30, SN 163 | Fiscal Future und Plurale Ökonomik Mannheim: Krieg, Krise, Klima: Herausforderungen an die Wirtschafts­politik
  • Ringvorlesung: 24 May, 19:00, SN 163 | „Lobbyismus und politische Interessenvertretung“ with Theresia Bauer (MdL) and Prof. Dr. Dr. Armin Steinbach
  • MCPF: 25 May, 17:15,  ZEW – room Europa | Tomaso Duso (Monopol­kommission and DIW)

Information for first-year students

We want you to have a smooth start and make the most of your time at the University of Mannheim. From enrollment and residence permit to course schedule and examination regulations – on our website for "First-Year Students" you can find helpful information about your first semester.

Course catalog

From behavioral economics to international trade. Choose from a broad range of courses that are relevant in a professional and academic environment.

Exchange opportunities

Thinking about going abroad? More information on our exchange programs and related topics can be found in the International section of the website.

Program in detail

Analyst, consultant, researcher – you can tailor the program according to your interests and career goals.

University library and other facilities

We strive to provide the best possible learning environment for you. In addition to the modern workplaces in the libraries the University offers a number of services and facilities that will help get the most out of your studies.

Program regulations

We know that getting started in a new study program can be very challenging. In our "Study guide" section we have summarized the most important regulations of our M.Sc. Economics.

Mentoring Program

Which job is the right one for me? What kind of firms and organizations are suitable for me? How can I plan the best transition into the working world? 

The ABSOLVENTUM mentoring program brings together students (mentees) and experienced mentors from the community. In addition to developing professional, personal, and social skills of the mentees, the mentors also assist their protégés with questions concerning their studies, careers, and life plans. Further information can be found on the website of ABSOLVENTUM.

Frequently asked questions

You want further information? In our "FAQ"section you can find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about the program, the university, and life in Mannheim. In case you're looking for more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact the program manager.

Contact Information

Sebastian Herdtweck

Sebastian Herdtweck (er/ihn)

Program Manager M.Sc. Economics and Exchange Coordinator
Universität Mannheim
Abteilung Volkswirtschafts­lehre
L 7, 3–5 – Raum 405
68161 Mannheim
Telefonische Sprechstunde: Mo, Mi und Fr 10:00–12:00

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