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Internal Department Seminar

The seminars are held on Mondays, 12:00-13:00, in lecture hall 001 of the economics building in block L7, 3-5.

Contact: Antoine Camous


Current Seminars

Fall term 2019




Sept 23rd

Antoine Camous

Political Conflicts and Dynamic Incentives
Sept 30th

Alessandra Allocca - CDSE

"No Man is an Island”: an Empirical Study on Team Formation and Performance

Oct 7th

Fabian Greimel - CDSE

Falling Behind: Has Rising Inequality Fueled the American Debt Boom?

Oct 14th

Sebastian Camarero Garcia - CDSE

Unemployment Benefit Duration and Startup Success: Evidence from Germany

Oct 21st

Yasemin Ozdemir - CDSE

Parental Investment and Peer Effects und Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills

Oct 28th

Yihan Yan  - CDSE

Does Open Source Pay off in the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Industry? A Study of Tesla's Open-Source Initiative

Nov 4th

Harald Fadinger

Robot Imports and Jobs: Evidence from French Firms

Nov 11th

Harim Kim

Cleaner but Volatile Energy? The Effect of Coal Plant Retirement on Market Competition in the Wholesale Electricity Market

Nov 18th

Lei Li

Skill-Biased Imports, Human Capital Accumulation, and the Allocation of Talent

Nov 25th

Efi Adamopoulou

Wage Determination and the Bite of Collective Contracts in Italy and Spain: Evidence from the Metalworking Industry
Dec 2nd Charles Louis-Sidois Collusion-Proof Vote Buying (joint with Leon Musolff, Princeton)

Spring term 2019




Feb 25th Antonio Ciccone Some Long-Run Economic Consequences of Keeping Out Refugees.
March 4th Jan Schymik Human Capitalists and the Global Division of Labor
March 11th Christoph Wolf (Bocconi) Consumer Rating Dynamics
March 18th Duk Gyoo Kim Multilateral Bargaining on a Loss Domain
March 25th Konrad Stahl

Trust, Investmetn and Competition: Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers

Apr 1st

Cristina Bélles-Obrero

Who Benefits from Job-Specific Skills? Evidence from a Comprehensive School Reform 
Apr 8th Youngsoo Jang (SUFE) Healthcare Reforms in General Equilibrium with Default Risk
Apr 29th Ulrich Wagner Air Pollution and Sick Leaves: Evidence from Social Security Data
May 6th Woan Foong Wong  (U. of Oregon)


May 13th Sena Coskun Fertility Response to Business Cycles: “Gender Asymmetry in Industries”
May 20th Tim Lee (QMU) Labor Reallocation and Wage Growth: Evidence from East Germany
May 27th Andreas Gulyas