Fees and scholarships


The semester fee is currently €194,30 (more information on the website of the Student Services).

Tuition fees for international students:

Since 2017 the Land of Baden-Württemberg charges international students, who come to Germany specifically to study, €1,500 per semester for tuition. This does not apply to students from the EU or the EEA, refugees, or international students who obtained their Abitur or equivalent in Germany. Furthermore, students with strong ties to Germany are also exempt from paying the fee. For more information please visit the website of the International Office.


Scholarships make an important contribution to a program of study. It is not just the financial aspect that is interesting, but also the non-material support that accompanies it. A scholarship that is used efficiently can provide important support when beginning a career. The International Office can advice you on the funding of your studies.

Subject-specific funding for M.Sc. in Economics

In addition to the scholarships that are available to all students at the University of Mannheim, we are also offering funding options for students in the master's program.

  • UniCredit Foundation Masterscholarships – 14th edition


    The UniCredit Foundation offers one student of the master’s program in Economics at the University of Mannheim a one-year scholarship. The recipient of the scholarship receives €9,600 per academic year (in 3 instalments).


    Nationals of the following 14 countries are eligible for the scholarship: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.


    A separate application for the scholarship is necessary. On the basis of merit, and in accordance with the selection procedure for the master’s program in Economics at the University of Mannheim, the Department of Economics will nominate a shortlist of potential recipients from all eligible applicants to the master's program. These nominees will be contacted and asked for consent to forward their data to the UniCredit Foundation. The UniCredit Foundation will then choose the scholarship recipients from the shortlist.

  • Deutschland Scholarship


    For a detailed description of the scholarship, please visit the website.


    The University of Mannheim awards Deutschland Scholarships to students who are already enrolled at the university and are within the standard period of study, and to those about to begin a bachelor’s, master’s or state examination program. Scholarships are awarded based on performance at school and university. The university also looks for extracurricular activity such as social engagement and sports achievements. Personal circumstances that can complicate acceptance onto a degree program and student success, such as a migrant or non-academic background, are also taken into account.


    If you are already enrolled at the University of Mannheim, you can apply for the scholarship using the student portal. If you are not yet enrolled, you can apply using the scholarship application portal once you have applied for a degree program.

  • DAAD/OSI-Program


    For a detailed description of the program, please visit the DAAD’s website.


    The scholarship is for graduate students from non-EU Balkan states and certain Transcaucasian and Central Asian countries of the former Soviet Union.


    Please visit the DAAD’s website for detailed information on how and when to apply. You must apply for the scholarship before applying for a program at the University of Mannheim. Please note that the application and selection procedures for this scholarship are not linked to the application and selection processes at the University of Mannheim. If you applied for a scholarship, and your application was successful, you still have to apply for the master's program during the annual application period (1 April to 15 May).

  • Teaching and research assistantships


    Students in the second semester of the master's program or later can apply for a teaching or research assistantship. Teaching assistant positions involve four hours of teaching in undergraduate tutorials per week, and pay approx. €450 per month. Research assistant positions vary in terms of working hours and remuneration.


    All students of the master’s program in Economics can apply from the second semester onwards.


    Information on available positions and application procedures is sent out by e-mail to all master's students by the program manager.

Scholarships for periods of study abroad

If you would like to participate in an exchange program during your studies, and want to apply for a scholarship to support you while abroad, please visit the Exchange Opportunities section of the website.