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Graduate matters

Absolventum Mannheim – the alumni network of the University of Mannheim

General advice on choosing a degree subject and studying in Mannheim; pros and cons of each degree program; admission requirements for each program, application forms, enrollment procedures and deadlines, etc.

General academic advising from the Student Services office

Visitor's address:
L 9,5 Mannheim (map)  

Mailing address: University of Mannheim, Student Services, 68131 Mannheim
Phone: 0621 181-1177
Opening hours: Mon: 9 a.m. – noon and Wed: 2 p.m.- 5 p.m.


General questions on studying Economics in Mannheim

For school pupils: Program Manager

For students: Academic Advisor

If you would like to get some tips and advice on the program from current students of Economics, get in touch with the departmental student committee for Economics.

Recognition of coursework and examinations completed at another higher education institution (transfers between universities and semesters abroad)

Dr. Christiane Cischinsky, who works for the chair of the examination committee for the bachelor’s program (Prof. Trenkler)

L7, 3–5, room 423, Phone: 0621 181-1761
Consultation hour: Tue: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Also take a look at the pages on studying abroad and transferring between universities

Studying and interning abroad in general

Dr. Christiane Cischinsky
To begin with, have a look at the information on studying abroad on our website.

Specific questions on the various exchange programs

The contact persons named for each program in the guide to studying abroad can answer your questions on the exchange programs.

Documents required to receive federal student aid (BAföG)
from the fifth semester of your program onwards

The university must complete a form which states that you have achieved the number of ECTS credits required to continue receiving BAföG. You can collect this form from the BAföG office or download it from the BAföG website.

You must also provide a copy of your latest transcript of records, which you can request from Ms. Knapp or Ms. Troilo in the Student Services office. The “Nachweis über bestandene Studienleistungen” is not accepted. Take the form and your transcript directly to the BAföG office, or contact Dr. Christiane Cischinsky, who works for the chair of the examination committee for the bachelor’s program. E-mail:

L7, 3–5, room 423, phone: 0621 181-1761
Consultation hour: Tue: 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

To qualify for BAföG, you need to have completed a certain number of ECTS credits each semester:
Upon completion of the third semester: 69 ECTS credits
Upon completion of the fourth semester: 90 ECTS credits
Upon completion of the fifth semester: 115 ECTS credits
Upon completion of the sixth semester: 180 ECTS credits

It is still also possible to submit the relevant form and your current transcript of records to the examination committee for the B.Sc. in Economics. Please wait until you have achieved the required number of ECTS credits as stated above before submitting the documents. You can submit documents for the previous semester within the first four months of the semester that follows, for example, you can submit documents valid for the fourth semester during the first four months of the fifth semester.

Incomplete requests cannot be processed.

ecUM card

InfoCenter and the ecUM desk

Computer facilitiesfor Economics students, equipment available in the PC rooms, etc.

The main contact is the staff member in the PC room. Direct any specific questions to the head of the PC room.

General computer facilities for students, Internet access, e-mail

InfoCenter in the Schloss Ostflügel

Evaluating teaching, accreditation

Department Manager

Website on evaluating teaching in the Department

For support with matters related to equal opportunity

Contact the Equal Opportunities Commissioner at the Department

Requesting information material on studying Economics in Mannheim

We don’t print our information material because hard copies can quickly become out-of-date. Instead, we include all important information, tips and links on this website.

Student Services

Visitor's address:
L 1,1 Mannheim (map)

Opening hours: Mon: 9 a.m. – noon and Wed: 2 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Selecting a specialization for your bachelor’s program at Heidelberg University

Information for students who enrolled in 2016 or later

ECTS credit system

See the page European Credit Transfer System

Support for personal problems

Psychological Counseling Services offered by the Studierendenwerk

Nightline Foundation

Literature, data bases, media etc. for students of Economics

Ms. Steeb, the subject librarian for Economics

Vacancies for student assistant positions (Department of Economics, professors, and institutes)

Please check each professor’s bulletin boards. Vacancies for students are typically posted through the departmental mailing list vwl-studium. You can also ask at the secretary’s office for each professor, or contact the Department Manager to find out if there are vacancies in the dean's office.

Seeking permission to study a parallel program

Please see this website if you enrolled in 2016 or later.

Doctoral studies

Ms. Rosenkranz, who works at the dean's office in the Department of Economics, provides administrative support in matters relating to doctorates (managing files, organizing examination dates, issuing certificates etc.). For information on other matters, especially on admission as a doctoral candidate and supervision, please contact the chair holder or Graduate School. Find out more here.

Questions on examination regulations and degree plans

Academic advisor and departmental student committee for Economics

Please note: The academic advisor and the departmental student committee can help you to interpret the examination regulations if you have a question that is frequently asked. Only the examination committee is able to provide legally binding information on examination-related matters.

General information on organizing exams

Academic Advisor

Research support, accessing information in general


Suggesting improvements for the classes and degree programs at the Department of Economics

The main contact is the Dean for Student Affairs, Professor Wagner. You can also contact the Department Manager.

Suggesting general improvements at university level

University administration, Division VI – Room Management and Organization, Mr. Tomesch, E-mail:

Housing, federal student aid (BAföG), the Mensa, social counseling services, child care, international student ID card

The Studierendenwerk, Mannheim