External Accreditation

In 2011 and 2016/17, independent accreditation committees praised the Department of Economics for its excellent study conditions and infrastructure, and outstanding human resources.

Since the Bologna reforms came into effect, degree programs in Germany have to be regularly reviewed by external accreditation agencies. Bachelor's and master’s programs must be accredited (the initial review), and reaccredited (every five to seven years), in order to receive and maintain state approval. The accreditation procedure examines the degree programs' quality and their conformity with European standards as well as the formal requirements established by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK).

The bachelor’s and master’s programs in Economics at the University of Mannheim were first accredited in 2011, without any stipulations. In the spring semester of 2016, both programs underwent their first reaccreditation. The Accreditation Committee at the evaluationsagentur Baden-Württemberg (evalag), an accreditation agency in Baden-Württemberg, reaccredited both programs in February 2017 without any stipulations or suggestions for improvement.

The summary report from the Accreditation Committee made the following points:

The committee acknowledged the efforts made by the university administration, the persons responsible for each program, and the teachers, regarding the design, organization and development of the degree programs. The visit to the Department highlighted the excellent study conditions and infrastructure, and outstanding human resources.

The committee attested that the Department had implemented the recommendations made by the Accreditation Committee during the initial accreditation process, and had successfully developed its degree programs during the years following the accreditation.

It was convinced of the sound and attractive design of the program due to the wide range of interdisciplinary courses offered, the apparent dedication of the faculty, administration, and students at the university, and the extent to which the university is linked with other institutions both in Germany and abroad.  

For the first time ever, a study program at the University of Mannheim was accredited by evalag without the Accreditation Committee making any stipulations or recommendations for improvement.