Our Sponsors


In Baden-Württemberg, like in other German states, the level of public funding allocated to higher education institutions is decreasing. As one of the most renowned economics departments in Germany, and one of the key institutions within the University of Mannheim’s profile, the Department of Economics has so far been spared from significant job reductions. However, our available financial resources are constantly decreasing.
In addition, it is not permitted to finance certain activities, including many activities for our alumni, using public funds.

Financing in the form of private donations therefore helps us to fulfill our obligations and ensure that we can continue to do so in future, and opens up additional options.

How can I make a donation?

If you would like to support the Department of Economics financially, please transfer your donation to the bank account of the University Cashier's Office at the BW Bank in Mannheim using the following payment information:

Please make sure you put your name and the purpose on your transfer. If you would like to make a large donation, we can issue a receipt in certain circumstances. In such cases, please contact the dean's office before making your donation, either by e-mail or by phone on +49 621 181-1773. We are also very grateful for any non-material donations and other forms of support given to the Department.

Banking Details

BW-Bank Mannheim






2301010600 Abteilung VWL





We will also continue actively looking for sponsors to safeguard the Department’s financial basis. If you or your company would like to become more involved with the Department by establishing a relationship that is beneficial for both parties, please contact the dean’s office, either by e-mail or by phone on +49 621 181-1773. 

Thank You to Our Donors

In the following, we would like to warmly thank our donors.
Several donations made by the same person have been added together to provide one total amount. You can, of course, request that your donation remain anonymous.


For his donation of 300 euros ...

... we warmly thank:


Mr. Joachim L. Zuckarelli, Dipl.-Volkswirt.

We thank the following alumni for their donations of between 100 and 200 euros:

Ms. Maja Brankovic, B.Sc. (200 euros)

Mr. Patrick Fischer, B.Sc.

Mr. Alexander Müller, Dipl.-Volkswirt

Mr. Maik Panter, B.Sc.

Mr. Raimon Pries, Dipl.-Volkswirt

Mr. Alexander Weichard, Dipl.-Volkswirt


We thank the following alumni ...

  • ... for their donations of between 20 and 99 euros:

    Mr. Brendon Adams, B.A.; Mr. Jan Robert Aue, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Florian Asmus, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Florian Back, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Andreas Bein, B.Sc.; Mr. Carsten Bitter, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Philipp Boss, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Sebastian Bucher, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Dr. Holger Cischinsky, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Henning Colsman-Freyberger, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Ms. Laura Cyron, B.Sc.; Mr. Philipp Deschermeier, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Denis Dorst, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Steffen Dunemann , Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Jochen Eisenbach, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Hendrik Engelmann-Pilger, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Tobias Erckmann, B.Sc. (80 euros); Mr. Marco de Filippo, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Ulrich Finke, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Jan Fritz, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Alfred Garloff, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. David Gilow, B.Sc.; Ms. Silja Göhlmann, Dipl.-Volkswirtin; Mr. Matthias Göhner, B.Sc (50 euros); Mr. Johannes Gönsch, B.Sc; Mr. Eric Jahn, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Christian Siebelt Habben, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Hendrik Hautzinger, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Ludwig Heinz, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Steffen Hetzel, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Holger Herz, Dipl.-Volkswirt (60 euros); Mr. Christian Huber, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Paul Hünermund, B.Sc.; Mr. Mathias Iwanowsky, B.Sc.; Mr. Matthias Jung, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Timo Kaiser, B.Sc. (50 euros); Ms. Janina Karthaus, B.Sc.; Mr. Florian Kern, M.A. (50 euros); Mr. Heiko Karle, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Andreas Keller, B.Sc.; Mr. Philipp Keßler, B.Sc.; Mr. Thierry Klein, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Frank Klingsieck, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Hanjo Marten Köhler, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Michal Karol Kowalik, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Tilman Krempel, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Moritz Kröger, B.Sc.; Mr. Philipp Kröger, B.Sc.; Ms. Laura Langelüddecke, Dipl.-Volkswirtin; Ms. Wiebke Lawrenz, Dipl.-Volkswirtin (50 euros); Mr. Tim Leibert, Dipl.-Geograph; Mr. Alexander Ludwig, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Michael Maier, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Oliver Makowsky, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Rüdiger Meng, Dipl.-Geograph; Mr. Christoph de Millas, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Christian Möhler, M.A.; Mr. Daniel Müller, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Thilo Müller, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Ms. Nicola Alexa Münster, Dipl.-Volkswirtin (50 euros); Ms. Simone Neubauer, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Vasilev Nikolay, B.Sc.; Ms. Laura Nowzohour, B.Sc; Mr. Enid Omerovic, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Ms. Cornelia Orphal, Dipl.-Volkswirtin (50 euros); Mr. Markus Peretzki, B.Sc.; Ms. Katrin Poschen, B.Sc.; Mr. Julian Prinzler, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Patrick Puth, B.Sc; Mr. Constantin Pyhel, B.Sc.; Mr. Thorsten Radke, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Ms. Fabienne Rasel, Dipl.-Volkswirtin; Mr. Markus Ressel, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Jens-Björn Richterich, Dipl.-Volkswirt (60 euros); Ms. Bettina Riedel, Dipl.-Geographin; Mr. Hubert Rüdesrenner; Ms. Verena Rupp, B.Sc.; Mr. Torsten Lars Saadma, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Marc Saur, B.Sc.; Mr. Alexander Scheer, Mr. Sascha Schlegel, B.Sc.; B.Sc.; Ms. Sandra Schmidt, Dipl.-Volkswirtin; Mr. Jan David Schneider, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Alexander Schreck, B.Sc.; Mr. Michael Schutza, Dipl.-Volkswirt; Mr. Daniel Stöhlker, B.Sc. (50 euros); Ms. Anina Thiel, B.Sc. (50 euros); Mr. Alexander Trentin, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros); Mr. Frederik Weber, B.Sc.; Ms. Natalia Weißhaar, Dipl.-Volkswirtin; Mr. Christoph Wolf, B.Sc.; Mr. Christian Wolz, Dipl.-Volkswirt (50 euros).

  • ... for their donations of between 5 and 19 euros:

    Mr. Ahrens, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Altmann, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Avsar, M.A.; Mr. Bierbrauer, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Eberl, Dipl.-Geogr.; Ms. Hörisch, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Holland-Letz, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Igel, Dipl.-Vw.; Ms. Kretschmer, B.Sc; Mr. Kripfganz, Dipl.-Vw.; Ms. Mateeva-Küsters, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Merkle, B.Sc.; Ms. Merz, Dipl.-Vw.; Ms. Müller, B.A.; Mr. Neufeldt, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Ortmann, B.Sc.; Ms. Pfirrmann, Dipl.-Vw.; Ms. Pohlan, B.Sc.; Mr. Ramge, M.A.; Mr. Roth, Dipl.-Geogr.; Mr. Ruben, B.Sc.; Ms. Sander, B.A.; Mr. Sauermann, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Schönecker, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Schröder, Dipl.-Geogr.; Mr. Serr, Dipl.-Geogr.; Ms. Storz, M.A.; Ms. Trumbetas, Dipl.-Geogr.; Ms. Volk, B.Sc.; Mr. Weschenfelder, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Zähringer, Dipl.-Vw.; Mr. Zarrouk, M.A.