General Information

The origin of the Department of Economics dates back to 1964, when the first Economics degree program was introduced at the former Wirtschaftshochschule Mannheim. Three years later the Wirtschaftshochschule changed its name to the University of Mannheim. Today, the Department of Economics and the Department of Law together form one of the five schools at the University of Mannheim.

In the Department of Economics there are currently 25 senior professors who are experts in both theoretical and empirical areas of macroeconomics, microeconomics, public finance, economic policy, econometrics, and international trade. In addition, there is a chair of economic history and a chair of statistics. One distinguished senior professor, 21 junior professors, and a large number of readers, academic staff members and adjunct lecturers contribute to the expertise of the Department.

The Economics library holds a collection of around 350,000 printed volumes in German and other languages (primarily English), and approximately 400 printed journals. In addition, there are a multitude of e-books, databases and digital newspapers and journals available.

The Economics PC room provides about 40 workstations equipped with modern computers, and offers several services to students.

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