Alumni of the Department of Economics


The professors and staff members at the Department of Economics as well as the Absolventum alumni network would like to welcome all graduates of the bachelor's program, master’s program, Diplom program and doctoral program in Economics to the Alumni section of the website. We would really appreciate it if you used these sites to remain in contact with the Department and the university after you conclude your studies.

Our graduates have been helping to organize internships for students and sharing their professional experiences since 1999. We are very grateful for this support as it helps our students to find out about the careers open to economists. We are also thankful for any type of financial, material, and non-material support that is provided by our graduates, particularly as state support has been declining in recent years. All of our alumni are invited to attend our graduation ceremony for recent graduates, which takes place each year in the spring. You can also join the Absolventum alumni network of the University of Mannheim to stay in touch with your fellow students.

If you have any questions, you can contact the dean's office at the Department of Economics by phone (+49 621 181-1773), fax (+49 621 181-1174), or e-mail. You can also reach Absolventum by phone on +49 621 181-1057 or by fax (+49 621 181-1087).

Your sincerely,

Prof. Klaus Adam
Head of Department


Dr. Peter Merten
Absolventennetzwerk der Universität Mannheim e.V.