Applying for a Spot in the Bachelor's Program in Economics

This page contains useful information for applicants interested in the bachelor's program in Economics.

Information on the application

  • Application Requirements and Documents

    If you would like to study Economics at the University of Mannheim, you must prove that you hold a university entrance qualification such as an Abitur or equivalent. You can inform yourself about the application deadline at the Admissions Office.

  • Technical and Personal Requirements

    You should be really interested in scientifically analyzing questions from the field of Economics. It is also important that you:

    • have advanced knowledge of mathematics, as a large part of the program involves working with mathematical notation;
    • have a basic understanding of economics;
    • are able to argue logically, as you will need to interpret mathematical solutions using economic concepts;
    • are capable of abstract thinking, which is needed for economic modeling.

    During the first two years of the program, you will, first and foremost, learn fundamental analytical skills. You will then move on to applying these skills practically. By proceeding in this way, we can ensure that our students get a thorough education, which enables them to either pursue a challenging master’s program, or successfully begin a career.

  • Practical Requirements

    • You should enjoy working with texts as, to successfully complete the program, you will need to read subject-specific literature.
    • The literature, including textbooks, is often written in English. Some of our modules are even taught in English (these modules are optional during the first semesters of the program). So, it helps if you already have a good level of proficiency in English when you start the program. But if you don’t, the university’s Studium Generale program includes English language courses at different levels. We also recommend these language courses if you want to spend some time studying abroad.
  • Program Capacity and the Selection Process

    The Department of Economics can admit 220 applicants per year. The program always starts in the fall semester. Some of these study places are reserved for international applicants. The remaining study places are allocated through a selection process. The process considers the overall grade achieved in your university entrance qualification and relevant practical, extracurricular activities. You can find out more in the current version of the selection statutes (in German), under section 6 in particular. This document is currently only available in German.

  • Likelihood of Being Allocated a Study Place

    If, as a German applicant with an Abitur, your grade average is better than approximately 2.6, you have a good chance of being allocated a study place. Practical experience in an area related to Economics can increase the likelihood that you will be allocated a study place. Factors such as the number of semesters between obtaining your university entrance qualification and beginning your studies, cases of hardship, or having already successfully completed a degree program are also considered.

Are you unsure about whether you are likely to be admitted? If in doubt, apply! The application doesn’t take much time to complete, and applying is the only way you can be included in the selection process.

You can find further information on the bachelor's program in Economics in our FAQ.