Academic Advice for Economics Students

Dear Students,

As the academic advisor for the bachelor's program in Economics, I would like to welcome you to the Department.

Subject-Specific Academic Advice from the Department of Economics

Before You Contact Me

My goal is to give you comprehensive advice as quickly as possible. As I do not work full-time as an academic advisor, I recommend that you first consult the following documents and contact persons before you contact me:

  1. The page entitled Who can help me? lists contact persons by their area of responsibility. If you were to ask me questions on one of these areas, I would ask you to contact the relevant person named on this page.
  2. You can find frequently asked questions, and responses to them, as well as other relevant information, on the following pages (some are available in German language only):

You Can Contact Me:

by e-mail
You can send your questions or concerns to, and I will generally respond quickly. Please use a serious e-mail address (ideally your University of Mannheim e-mail address), and provide significant information in the subject line. By doing this, I should receive your e-mail and it should appear in my inbox (and not my spam folder).

during the consultation hour
If you would prefer to speak to me in person, you can come to my office during the consultation hour, which takes place on Tuesday mornings. If a session has to be canceled, this will be indicated well in advance at the top of the German version of this page. If you have a lecture that begins at 8:30 a.m., you can make an appointment to see me at 8 a.m. or even at 7:30 a.m. If you are at a lecture until 11:45 a.m., you can come to the consultation hour straight after your lecture finishes. Due to my other work commitments, I can only agree to appointments that take place at other times or on other days in exceptional cases.

Your Feedback Is Important

If you aren’t completely happy with an aspect of your Economics degree program, and think that someone in the department can help to improve things, please contact me or the Dean for Student Affairs, Professor Orzen. Be open and honest. You might even have an idea or two on how to solve the problem.

Thank you for your cooperation!

I wish you luck with your studies and hope you enjoy the Economics program in Mannheim.

Yours sincerely,
Thorsten Lindenbauer

Dr. Thorsten Lindenbauer

Dr. Thorsten Lindenbauer (he/him)

Department Manager
University of Mannheim
Department of Economics
L 7, 3–5 – Room 409
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Offene Sprechzeit der Fachstudienberatung (auch während der vorlesungsfreien Zeit):
Dienstagvormittag, 9.00–12.30 Uhr (auf begründete Anfrage ab 7.00 Uhr)

Von der angegebenen Telefonnummer erfolgen keine Rückrufe.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich außerhalb der offenen Sprechzeit bevorzugt per E–Mail.