Graduation Ceremonies

Since 1998, the Department of Economics, in collaboration with the Absolventum alumni network, has regularly hosted a graduation ceremony in September/October for graduates who completed their Economics degree program in the previous twelve months. Approximately four weeks prior to the ceremony, we send out invitations to graduates using the addresses held on record at the Student Services office.

The last ceremony took place on 18 October 2019, 6:00 pm in lecture hall M 003. The next ceremony is planned to be held in fall 2020.

Alumni who graduated in previous years are, of course, welcome to attend. If you would like to come to a ceremony, please send an e-mail to the dean’s office, or call on +49 621 181–1761 or +49 621 181-1776. Please also contact us if you completed your program in the past year but have not received an invitation to the graduation ceremony.