Module Catalog for the Bachelor's Program in Economics

Aside from the course catalog, the module catalog is the most important reference document for students of Economics. It contains descriptions of all of the mandatory and elective modules available at the Department. It also features an archive of modules offered in previous semesters, going back to 2010.

Please note: The module catalog and the course catalog are two different documents. The course catalog doesn’t just contain a short description of each course, it also includes all of the information relevant to courses available in the current semester, such as the name of the teacher, duration, and location of the course, and organizational information. Take a look at the current course catalog.

Specific module catalogs (available here, at the bottom of this page and here) contain details of modules available to students who study Business Administration as a minor subject, and of the mandatory modules to be taken by students with Business Informatics as a minor subject.

Descriptions of modules offered in the other minor subjects as well as of the elective modules available in Business Informatics can be found in the module catalogs for the respective degree programs.

Module Catalog Bachelor Economics: