Information on Changing Universities

If you are thinking about transferring to the University of Mannheim, you can find the most important information on our bachelor’s program on this page.

Generally, you can only transfer to the University of Mannheim in the fall semester. For more information, you can attend one of the sessions organized by the departmental student committee. The dates are listed on the committee’s website.

Our study guide contains helpful information on the Economics degree program at the University of Mannheim. The website also provides useful information from the academic advisor for Economics.

Transferring to the Bachelor’s Program in Mannheim

Since fall 2016, all students who transfer to the university benefit from the attractive new examination regulations. Before transferring to Mannheim, please familiarize yourself with the examination regulations, attachment 1 and attachment 2. These documents contain the binding regulations that apply to the bachelor’s program. Don’t just rely on things other people tell you. If you aren’t sure about something, contact the academic advisor or the departmental student committee.

Process: Transferring from another German Higher Education Institution to the University of Mannheim

The Admissions Office posts the application deadlines for the upcoming semester on its website. You can also access the online application portal via their website. In case of high demand, a selection process is carried out for admission to advanced semesters.

When deciding whether to recognize coursework and exams that you have already completed, the university considers your certificates in conjunction with detailed course outlines, reading lists where relevant, and the number of ECTS credits and credit hours as well as the type and duration of the examination for each course.

You must submit these documents with your application. If you have exams scheduled for after you apply to the university, please explain this in your application.

Transferring from Another Higher Education Institution

If you studied Economics, or a program considered equivalent by the examination committee, and are transferring from another higher education institution to the University of Mannheim, the number of semesters you have already completed will be carried over, regardless of whether the credits obtained are recognized.

Changing Degree Programs

If you previously studied a different program, the examination committee will grant you entry to the relevant subject-specific semester. This is only relevant for:

  1. the orientation examination (at least 30 ECTS credits at the end of the third semester), and
  2. the total duration of your studies, i.e. nine subject-specific semesters

Regardless of the semester you are admitted to, you can combine the available modules each semester as needed in your degree plan.

Contact Persons and Inquiries Before Applying

Prof. Carsten Trenkler, chair of the examination committee for the bachelor's program in Economics, is responsible for matters relating to course recognition and establishing which other degree programs can be classed as equivalent. You can find further information in this information sheet (in German).

You can also ask the examination committee about transferring before you apply. The committee can advise you in advance on whether your current degree program is seen as equivalent to the Economics program at the University of Mannheim, whether your subject-specific semesters will be carried over, and which credits might be recognized.

Process: Transferring from a University Abroad into an Advanced Semester in Mannheim

In such a case, the same rules generally apply as for applicants from higher education institutions in Germany. You can find the necessary forms, and application and enrollment deadlines on the International Office’s website.

The documents required to recognize the credits you have already obtained must be provided in German or English. Please submit copies of the original documents and notarized translations.

Modules Available in Mannheim

All modules and courses are listed in the course catalog. You can find out more about seminars in key competences on the Studierendenwerk’s website.

You may also find the following pages useful:

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