Students have been able to enroll in a bachelor’s program in Economics at the Department of Economics since 2006. The program lasts for six semesters and replaces the former German Diplom program. The Department introduced a master's program in Economics in 2009, which now has three different tracks of study. It also offers a three-year, structured doctoral program, which is completed at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences. Upon completion, the title Dr. rer. pol. is conferred.

In the fall semester of 2021/2022, there were 689 students enrolled in the bachelor's program in Economics, and 214 students in the master's program. In addition, 41 students of other programs were enrolled in Economics as a minor subject.

A thorough education in economic theories, the introduction of empirical methods at an early stage, the combination of theory and practical experiences, and an exceptionally broad range of elective modules are all typical for the bachelor’s program in Economics in Mannheim. The Department also gives its students as much freedom as possible when creating their course schedules, and enables them to benefit from its close international ties.

The outstanding quality of the Economics programs at the University of Mannheim has been confirmed by national and international rankings on several occasions.

All of the modules taught at the Department of Economics have been evaluated by students at the end of each semester since the fall semester of 1998/1999. The bachelor’s and master’s programs were first accredited in 2011, without any stipulations. Both programs were reaccredited in 2017, without any stipulations or recommendations for improvement.

A graduation ceremony is held each year in the fall for those students who successfully complete the bachelor’s or master's program. Our alumni strive to create internship opportunities for students, and are invited to share their professional experiences on a regular basis.

The doctoral program offered by the Department is usually completed at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics which is part of the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences (GESS). This structured doctoral program quickly prepares doctoral candidates for an active role in research. The program of study covers a variety of topics, which prevents doctoral candidates from overspecializing in the topic of their dissertation. Receiving scholarships from their first semester, students do not have to find part-time work to support their education, which can otherwise lead to a delay in completing the program. A semester or year abroad is usually integrated into the program (organized through the ENTER network, for example).

At the weekly Applied Seminar and the Internal Department Seminar, doctoral candidates can present their papers to a group of experts from the University of Mannheim, the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), and other universities. By participating in the weekly Department Seminar, they also have the opportunity to meet contacts from international institutions.

Articles by doctoral candidates are published in respected national and international journals, which contributes to the research reputation of the Department. Upon completion of their doctoral degree, past doctoral candidates were able to find challenging academic positions even though the labor market conditions were, at times, difficult.

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