Course Catalog

The course catalog is published online at the end of May for the following fall semester, and at the end of November for the following spring semester. If you would like to get an idea of the courses we offer, you can view our course catalog for the current semester and the previous semesters. The courses change from year to year but you should still be able to get a general idea of our program.

    Course Choice

    • As an exchange student in the bachelors's program at the Department of Economics, you can choose your courses freely from the courses offered in the bachelor's program of the department, as long as you fulfill the prerequisites for each course.
    • If you are an exchange student in a program at another department/school at the University of Mannheim and would like to take courses from the bachelor’s program in Economics, please contact the exchange coordinator for the bachelor's program (Ms. Christiane Cischinsky) to check your eligibility. Also, please send her your transcript of records.

      General regulations:

    • Exchange students coming to Mannheim need to take at least 50% of their courses from the school they are enrolled at in Mannheim (i.e. Department of Economics for our incomings).
    • Students of bachelor’s programs have to take courses at bachelor’s level. Courses of the master’s program in Economics are restricted to master's students. Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis.
    • Economics bachelor seminars are only open for exchange students of the Department of Economics.
    • To discuss your course choice, please contact the exchange coordinator (Ms. Christiane Cischinsky). Please also submit your Learning Agreement, which is required for all Erasmus exchanges, to the exchange coordinator before the semester begins.

    Course registration


    Registration for economics lectures takes place in Portal2. Registration usually opens in mid-August (for the fall semester) or mid-January (for the spring semester). For most lectures in the Bachelor's Program in Economics (and, if applicable, the associated exercises) there is no deadline for this registration and the number of participants is not limited. You can register or deregister at any time during the semester on your own accord.
    If the number of participants in a lecture or exercise is limited, registration is usually possible during the week before courses start (“Welcome Week”). If there are more registrations than places, places will be allocated randomly at the end of the registration week. You can deregister from these lecture on your own accord.
    For more information on how to proceed with course registration in Portal2, please see “Course Registration for International Exchange Students”.

    Courses offered by other departments may require different registration procedures. For Information about the course registration at other departments, please refer to the websites linked on School’s Departmental Exchange Coordinators. If you have questions about these registrations, please reach out to the “Contacts for Incoming Students” listed there.


    For bachelor's seminars in economics, there is a common registration period in December for seminars offered in the spring and in June for seminars offered in the fall. The seminar places are allocated based on preferences. You will receive more detailed information on the registration procedure by e-mail in time.
    Please note: You don't have to attend any seminar! Please only register for a seminar if you already have experiences in writing scientific texts.

    Additional Information

    • Types of courses

      Types of courses in the bachelor’s program in Economics


      These classes are usually led by professors and provide students with background information about a subject in order to explain long-term developments and complex ideas or theories. They usually provide a basic framework for further study. Lectures are often accompanied by exercise classes.


      These classes are usually led by academic staff members. Their intention is to review the information conveyed in lectures, and relevant subject literature. They give students the chance to apply their systematic knowledge and skills in a theoretical and practice-oriented manner. Often, the material from lectures is deepened during these classes.


      Students are encouraged to actively participate in seminars by getting involved in discussions and giving oral presentations, which normally last between 10 and 40 minutes and provide students with an opportunity to gain experience in presenting a general or more specialized academic topic. Usually, students have to write an essay and present the results in the seminar. Instead of being held on a weekly basis during the semester, seminars can also be taught as a block course lasting one or two whole days.

    • Examinations

      Examination dates

      Usually, written exams take place at the end of the semester, during the examination period. For bachelor's courses, there is a second exam period just before the beginning of the following semester. However, we recommend our exchange students to register for the first exam date, otherwise there is no retake option.
      Other types of exams, like presentations, papers or other assignments can take place during the semester. Some elective modules might also have midterm exams.

      Exam registration

      You will have to register for your exams within an official registration period in Portal2. You will receive your credentials upon enrolment. The dates of the registration periods are announced on the website of the Student Services. Please note that you also have to register for examinations in courses that have no written exam, but assignments, a presentation or a paper to hand in. Examination registration for the economics bachelor's seminars is handled by the Dean's Office.