• Books

    • Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies (with Paul Belleflamme), second edition, Cambridge University Press,  xxv + 799 pages (hardcover and paperback 2015, Greek translation 2016).
    • The Analysis of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation (co-edited with Yossi Spiegel), World Scientific Publisher (2014).
    • The Oxford Handbook of the Digital Economy (co-edited with Joel Waldfogel), Oxford University Press (2012).
    • Der Ausbau neuer Netze in der Telekommunikation - institutionelle, ökonomische und juristische Betrachtungen (with Roman Inderst, Jürgen Kühling and Karl-Heinz Neumann), Nomos Verlag, 326 pages (2012).
    • Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies (with Paul Belleflamme), Cambridge University Press,  xxi + 702 pages (hardcover and paperback 2010, South Asian edition 2011).
    • Industrial Organization and the Digital Economy (co-edited with Gerhard Illing), MIT Press (2006).
    • Regulation and Entry into Telecommunications Markets (with Paul de Bijl), Cambridge University Press, xiv + 272 pages (hardcover 2002, 2nd printing 2003, 3rd printing 2004, electronic book 2004, Chinese translation 2006, paperback 2008). 
  • Journal Articles

    • “Distorted Input Ratios in Vertical Relations­hips” (with Dongsoo Shin), Scandinavian Journal of Economics (forthcoming).
    • “Platform Competition: Who Benefits from Multihoming?” (with Paul Belleflamme), International Journal of Industrial Organization (forthcoming).
    • “Managing Competition on a Platform” (with Paul Belleflamme), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 28, 5-22 (2019).
    • “You are Judged by the Company you Keep: Reputation Leverage in Vertically Related Markets” (with Jay Pil Choi), International Journal of Industrial Organization 61, 351-379 (2018).
    • “Suppliers as Forgotten Cartel Victims” (with Jens-Uwe Franck), New York University Journal of Law & Business 15(1), 17-59 (2018).
    • “A Fresh Look at Zero Rating” (with Jan Krämer), Telecommunications Policy 42, 501-513 (2018).
    • “De-targeting: Advertising an Assortment of Products to Loss-Averse Consumers” (with Heiko Karle), European Economic Review 95, 103-124 (2017).
    • “Experimentation in Two-Sided Markets” (with Sven Rady and Piers Trepper), Journal of the European Economic Association 15, 128-172 (2017).
    • “Kollaboratives Wirtschaften oder Turbokapitalismus? Zur Ökonomie der Sharing-Economy” (with Ulrich Schwalbe), Perspektiven der Wirtschafts­politik 17, 232-252 (2016).
    • “Information Disclosure and Consumer Awareness” (with Sanxi Li and Xiaojian Zhao), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 108, 209-230 (2016).
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    • “Reassessing Competition Concerns in Electronic Communications Markets” (with Tommaso Valletti), Telecommunications Policy 39, 896-912 (2015).
    • “The Economics of Crowdfunding Platforms” (with Paul Belleflamme and Nessrine Omrani), Information Economics and Policy 33, 11-28 (2015).
    • “Firm Reputation and Incentives to „Milk“ Pending Patents” (with Johannes Koenen), International Journal of Industrial Organization 43, 18-29 (2015).
    • “Loss Aversion and Consumption Choice: Theory and Experimental Evidence” (with Heiko Karle and Georg Kirchsteiger), American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 7, 101-120 (2015).
    • “Indirect Taxation in Vertical Oligopoly” (with Markus Reisinger), Journal of Industrial Economics 62, 709-755 (2014).
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    • “Investment under Uncertainty and Regulation of New Access Networks” (with Roman Inderst), Information Economics and Policy 26, 28-41 (2014). 
    • “Asymmetric Information and Overinvestment in Quality” (with Paul Belleflamme), European Economic Review 66, 127-143 (2014).
    • “Innovation and Waste in Supply Chain Management” (with Dongsoo Shin), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 86, 191-199 (2013).
    • “Upstream Market Power and Wasteful Retailers” (with Dongsoo Shin), Scandinavian Journal of Economics 115, 234-253 (2013).
    • “Informing Consumers about their own Preferences” (with Roman Inderst), International Journal of Industrial Organization 30, 417-428 (2012).
    • “Media Market Concentration, Advertising Levels, and Ad Prices” (with Simon Anderson, Oystein Foros and Hans Jarle Kind), International Journal of Industrial Organization 30(conference volume), 321-325 (2012).
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  • Articles in Books

    • “Inside the Engine Room of Digital Platforms: Reviews, Ratings and Recommendations” (with Paul Belleflamme),  in: J. J. Ganuza and G. Llobet (eds.), Economic Analysis of the Digital Revolution, Funcas Social and Economic Studies nº 4, Funcas (2018).
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    • “New Competition in Telecommunications Markets: Regulatory Pricing Principles” (with Paul de Bijl), in: Illing, G. and U. Klüh (eds.) Spectrum Auctions and Competition in Telecommunications, MIT Press (2004), pages 45-72. [minor revision of article in Ifo Studien 48, 27-52 (2002)].
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  • Book Reviews

    • “Virtual Competition: The Promise and Perils of the Algorithm-Driven Economy by Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice E. Stucke”, Journal of Economic Literature 55, 659-660 (2017). 
    • “Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David Levine”, Journal of Economics 101, 97-98 (2010).
    • “Oligopoly Pricing: Old Ideas and New Tools by Xavier Vives”, Journal of Economics 73, 209-212 (2001).
    • “Supermodularity and Complementarity by Donald Topkis”, Economic Journal 109, 850-852 (1999).
  • Miscellanea

    • „Neuer europäischer Ordnungs­rahmen für Datenmärkte?“ (in German, with Heike Schweitzer), Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) 71, 275-280 (2018).
    • „Suchmaschinen unter der Lupe: Informations­herrschaft und ihre Schranken“ (in German, with Heike Schweitzer), Wirtschafts­dienst - Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts­politik 96, 825-829 (2016).
    • „Understanding the Strategies of Crowdfunding Platforms“ (with Paul Belleflamme and Nessrine Omrani), CESifo DICE Report 14 (2), 6-10 (2016).
    • “Net Neutrality Rules Will Make Winners and Losers Out of Businesses” (with Shane Greenstein and Tommaso Valletti), Harvard Business Review online June 27 (2016).
    • “Die Entzauberung von Airbnb und Uber” (in German), ifo Schnelldienst 21/2014, 6-8 (2014).
    • “Digital Piracy” (with Paul Belleflamme), in: J.G. Backhaus (ed.) Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer Science+Business Media (2014).
    • “Flexible Geschäfts­modelle in der Telekommunikation und die Netzneutralitätsdebatte” (in German, with Thomas Fetzer and Heike Schweitzer), Wirtschafts­dienst - Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts­politik 93, 695-701 (2013).
    • “Die Netzneutralitätsdebatte aus ökonomischer Sicht” (in German, with Thomas Fetzer and Heike Schweitzer), Wirtschafts­dienst - Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts­politik 92, 777-783 (2012).
    • “Investitionen in Next-Generation-Access-Netze: Zugangsverträge und Investitionen” (in German, with Roman Inderst, Jürgen Kühling, and Karl-Heinz Neumann), Wirtschafts­dienst - Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts­politik 91, 406-413 (2011).
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    • “Competencia y Regulación de la Interconexión en Mercados de Telecomunicación”, Economía Industrial 339, 95-103 (2001).
  • Workshops and Conferences

    Most conferences and workshops which are organized or co-organized by Martin Peitz can be found on the MaCCI website.

    Additional conferences:


    Conference by the collaborative research centre SFB TR 15


    Conference by the collaborative research centre SFB TR 15


    Conference: Advances in Applied Microeconomics - in Honor of Konrad Stahl


    Workshop: Behavioral Models of Market Competition

    Conference: CEPR Applied IO Conference 


    Workshop:  The Economics of Advertising and Marketing