Environmental Economics

Courses in Environmental Economics offered at the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim

Title Type Degree University Semester Lecturer(s)
Climate Change in Developing Countries: Impact and Adaptation Seminar B.Sc. Mannheim Fall Kassem
Emissions Trading in Theory and Practice Seminar B.Sc. Mannheim Spring Gerster
Energy, Environment and Development Lecture B.Sc. Mannheim irregular Kassem / Mollisi / Wagner
Markets and the Environment Lecture B.Sc. Mannheim Spring Szerman / Mollisi / Wagner
Empirical Environmental Economics Seminar M.Sc. Mannheim Fall Gerster
Environmental Economics Lecture M.Sc. Mannheim Spring Gerster
Topics in Environmental and Energy Economics Seminar M.Sc. Mannheim irregular Kim / Wagner
PhD Reading Course in Environmental Economics Seminar Ph.D. Mannheim Spring/Fall Wagner
Environmental Economics Research Seminar Seminar Ph.D. Mannheim irregular Gerster
Economics of the Environment Lecture Ph.D. Mannheim Spring Wagner
Environmental Economics I Lecture B.Sc. Heidelberg Fall Goeschl
A Critical Assessment of Doughnut Economics Seminar M.Sc. Heidelberg Fall Goeschl
Natural Resource Economics Lecture M.Sc. Heidelberg Fall Diekert
Stimulating sustainable behaviours Seminar M.Sc. Heidelberg Fall van den Broek
Using psychology theories to understand sustainable behaviour Seminar B.Sc. Heidelberg Fall van den Broek
Experimental Methods in Environmental Economics Seminar M.Sc. Heidelberg Fall Balietti