Macro Seminar

The Macro Seminar discusses recent research projects in the field of macroeconomics on a weekly basis. In addition to Ph.D. students and professors from the University of Mannheim, scholars from other universitites and institutions present their work.
The seminar takes place in lecture room P044, L7 3-5, every Thursday from 12:15 am to 1:15 pm during the lecture period. The exact dates, presenters and topics are shown below.

The presentation titles will be updated on a rolling basis.





 14 September, 2023Lukas MahlerEfficiency and Equity of Education Tracking: A Quantitative Analysis
 21 September, 2023Thibault CézanneMonetary Policy, Binding Macro-Prudential Policies and Banks’ Reaction
 05 October, 2023

Michael Krause

(University of Cologne)

“Monetary policy and endogenous productivity dynamics“
 12 October, 2023Yann Müller“Quantifying Waterway Supply Chain Shocks: Regional Propagation in the Rhine Area”
 26 October, 2023Lukas Hack“Transmission of Monetary Policy in a Currency Area with Heterogeneous Households”
 09 November, 2023Luigi Paciello (EIEF)“Subsidizing Business Entry in Competitive Credit Markets”
 16 November, 2023Álvaro Jáñez“Monopsony Power and Firm Organization”
 23 November, 2023Marina Hoch“Natural Disasters and Mortgage Default: Government's Role in Alleviating Climate Change's Impact on Homeowners”
 30 November, 2023

Rasmus Lentz

(University of Wisconsin-Madison)

“Labor Market Friction, Firm Heterogeneity, and Aggregate Employment and Productivity”
 07 December, 2023

Bjarne Horst

“Firms' Strategic Price-Setting, the Cost-Price Pass-Through, and Aggregate Inflation”