Macro Seminar

The Macro Seminar discusses recent research projects in the field of macroeconomics on a weekly basis. In addition to Ph.D. students and professors from the University of Mannheim, scholars from other universitites and institutions present their work.
The seminar takes place in lecture room P043, L7 3–5, every Thursday from 12:15 am to 1:15 pm during the lecture period. The exact dates, presenters and topics are shown below.

The presentation titles will be updated on a rolling basis.





 16 February, 2023Daniel Runge„Price Dispersion, Inflation, and Monetary Policy“
 23 February, 2023Regis Barnichon (San Francisco Fed)“Evaluating Policy Institutions ---150 Years of US Monetary Policy”
 02 March, 2023Lukas Mahler“Efficiency and Equity of Education Tracking: A Quantitative Analysis”
 09 March, 2023Dmitry Mukhin (LSE)“Optimal Exchange Rate Policy”
 16 March, 2023Hannes Twieling“Asymmetric Transmission of Monetary Policy in a Currency Union with Heterogeneous Households”
 23 March, 2023Katja Mann (Copenhagen Business School)"Consumption Inequality in the Digital Age"
 30 March, 2023Ulrich Roschitsch“Optimal Monetary Policy in a Currency Union with Asymmetric House Price Booms”
 27 April, 2023Kerstin Holzheu (Sciences Po)“Worker Mobility and Firm Productivity”
 04 May, 2023Thibault Cézanne“Monetary policy, binding macroprudential policy and banks’ reaction”
 11 May, 2023David Koll 

“Staying together forever? Life-cycle effects of overoptimistic couple”s (joint with Ursula Berresheim)

 25 May, 2023Marina Hoch“Natural Disasters and Household Default”
 01 June, 2023Ursula Berresheim"Work from home, work for less? Location Flexibility and Gender Wage inequality”