• Discussion and Working Papers

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    • FRÖLICH (2007): Regression discontinuity design with covariates, IZA discussion paper 3024. [PDF]
  • Monographien und Bücher

    • FRÖLICH, SPERLICH (2015): Impact evaluation, forthcoming at Cambridge University Press.
    • FRÖLICH, KAPLAN, PAGÉS, RIGOLINI, ROBALINO (2014): Social Insurance, Informality, and Labor Markets: How to Protect Workers While Creating Good Jobs, edited volume, forthcoming at Oxford University Press. [LINK]
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  • Gutachten und Projektberichte

    • BEHNCKE, FRÖLICH, LECHNER (2007): Pilot­projekt Statistisch assistierte Programmselektion, Report for the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco)
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