Macro Seminar

The Macro Seminar discusses recent research projects in the field of macroeconomics on a weekly basis. In addition to Ph.D. students and professors from the University of Mannheim, scholars from other universitites and institutions present their work.
The seminar takes place in lecture room 001, L9 1-2, every Thursday from 12:15 am to 1:15 pm during the lecture period. The exact dates, presenters and topics are shown below.

The presentation titles will be updated on a rolling basis.





 9 September 2021Husnu Dalgic"Sterilized Interventions: Risks and Benefits

16 September 2021

Timo Reinelt

“Monetary Policy, Markup Dispersion, and Aggregate TFP”

 23 September 2021Alexander Matusche"The short-run employment effects of public infrastructure investment

30 September 2021

Daniel Runge“Price Dispersion, Inflation, and Monetary Policy”
 7 October 2021Jan Sun

“The Role of Intra-Household Insurance for Bankruptcy Regulation”

 14 October 2021

Fabian Kindermann

(University of Regensburg)

"Learning about Housing Cost: Survey Evidence from the German House Price Boom”


 21 October 2021Tsung-Hsien Li“Rationalizing the Payday Loan Puzzle: A Credit Scoring Explanation”

 28 October 2021

Federica Romei

(University of Oxford)

 4 November 2021Suzanne Bellue“tba”
 11 November 2021

Mykola Ryzhenkov

 18 November 2021Lukas Mahler“tba”

25 November 2021

Tommaso Gasparini“tba”
 2 December 2021

Thibault Cézanne

(double session)

Hannes Twieling




 9 December 2021Lukas Hack“tba”