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Information for Outgoing Students

The myUniMa Portal

Learning Agreement

Before leaving Mannheim, you have to complete a Learning Agreement. The courses that you take during your period of study abroad are recognized based upon the information provided in this agreement. Before filling out the agreement, you should look at the courses available at your host university. During a semester abroad, students are typically required to take courses from the master’s program in Economics that are worth 30 ECTS credits in total. In most cases, these courses and credits will be fully recognized by the University of Mannheim.

Contact your exchange coordinator, Sebastian Herdtweck , to clarify which courses at your host institution will be recognized by the University of Mannheim. Please email Mr. Herdtweck a list of the courses you are interested in and links to the content of each course (e.g. pages from the course catalog). After this list has been approved, you can include the courses in your Learning Agreement, which then has to be signed by you and your exchange coordinators at the University of Mannheim and at your host institution. We therefore recommend that you sign it, ask your coordinator in Mannheim to sign it, and then send a scanned copy of the agreement via e-mail to the exchange coordinator at your host institution, asking them to sign and return the document to you. Once your Learning Agreement contains all three signatures, please give a copy to your exchange coordinator here in Mannheim, who will then pass it on to the International Office.

If you participate in an Erasmus exchange and want to change courses, you are required to update your Learning Agreement using the form entitled Changes Learning Agreement, which you can find in myUniMA, and which must be signed by your exchange coordinators at the University of Mannheim and at your host institution. Please submit a copy of the signed form to Mr. Herdtweck during the first seven weeks of your period of study abroad.

A template for both the Learning Agreement and the Changes Learning Agreement are available on the myUniMA portal. You will be given access to this portal once your exchange has been approved.

Learning Agreement for the Erasmus+ and Enter programs: Please find a current template on the myUniMA portal

Learning Agreement for Overseas programs: Please use this document.

Recognition of Credits

As soon as you have finished all of your courses, the host university will create a transcript of records for you, which will either be given to you or sent directly to the University of Mannheim. It is very important that the transcript contains the names of the courses you have completed, the number of (ECTS) credits earned per course, and your grades.

Your transcript is required so that the credits earned at your host institution can be recognized by the University of Mannheim. To begin the recognition process, please contact the program manager at the University of Mannheim Mr. Herdtweck.

As part of the recognition process, you are required to show the original version of your transcript to the university. This means that you must either submit the original transcript via post, submit a copy certified by the International Office or make an appointment with Mr. Herdtweck to show him the original version.

Furthermore, a confirmation from the International Office is required which states that you have submitted a report on your exchange. Please submit this confirmation with your recognition request.

Once you have asked the university to recognize your credits, the next steps are typically as follows:

  • The University of Mannheim recognizes the courses listed on your Learning Agreement
  • The grades awarded to you by your host institution are converted into grades from the German grading system. You can find more information on grade transfer here
  • The Department will notify Student Services office that your courses have been recognized
  • You will be able to see the recognized courses and grades in your student account, and can collect a new transcript. The credits obtained at your host institution, which have been recognized by the University of Mannheim, are clearly marked as such on your transcript.